A really cool set of dominoes

I have long been meaning to start acquiring some vintage games to add to my rental collection and I finally started things off with this set of dominoes, which are stored in an equally cool cigar box.  A little handwritten note was taped to the inside of the box and reads as follows:  “Alma Dietrich’s Dad (Henry) had these dominoes in his “play” room over the Dietrich Bakery on King St. Kitchener 1899″  A google search didn’t turn up anything about the bakery, but I did find some info on one H. A. Dietrich, born 1865, occupation:  baker and later elected as a Alderman for Kitchener, ON.  I love it when the things I find have a back story, it just makes them so unique and special!


If anyone is going to be at Brides 2013 this Sunday, please stop by to have a look and say hello!

Fun Monday Tour

Things have been kinda hectic lately, so I haven’t had a chance to go for my Monday cruise in a couple of weeks.   Today I found some really great things, including some monogrammed napkins and an embroidered table cloth.   What I never expected to find, and what I couldn’t believe I walked out of the store with, was a 1950’s/early 60’s vintage wedding gown(I am not an expert on dating clothing, but for several reasons, that is my guess).

I could immediately picture the original bride.  In my imagination she is wearing cat’s eye glasses, a poufy crinoline , wrist length white gloves and a birdcage veil.   Oh, and definitely a bullet bra because the darts come to a very distinct point!!

This dress is in good enough shape that it could be worn.   I would have guessed it to be about a size 10, but  I had someone try it on who wears size six and it fit her like a glove.   Well except for those darn pointy darts!    It has a layer of taffeta, a layer of ruffled tulle and then another layer of tulle.   It is a mixture of ivory and white.    I would add a sash, some awesome shoes and a birdcage veil and voila:   A modern vintage bride.

It would be wonderful as decor, on a vintage mannequin or dress form, which I have been trying to find BTW!

♥love it♥

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Victorian sofa with a non-traditional look

I have three Victorian sofas.   One is the fabulous purple one that has become the unofficial hallmark of Borrowed.    I have another smaller gold grapeback which is waiting to be upholstered; and I have this one.   I had a heck of a time choosing fabric, wanting something unexpected.    I finally settled on this black on black and decided I may as well go black all the way, painting the wood in a glossy finish.   This wasn’t easy for me to do because at heart I love to preserve historical elements.

I think the finished product will make a very elegant focal point for your event.

How could you not want to incorporate this into your wedding decor?

Ok  – I admit to being a little tiny bit over-attached and maybe just a little bit over- enthusiastic about some of my inventory.  Obviously I love everything,  that is why I chose it for my shop.   But seriously?   This church window is from the Lantz United Church.   Families are paying to have new windows installed and as they take out the old window, the family that sponsored the new window gets to keep the one they take out.   I actually have two of them  – one has just the white glass with snowflake pattern and this one has the colored glass around the edge.   I am hoping to purchase a third.

The sweet ladies that I bought the windows from were so happy that they were still going to have a “sacred” purpose.   I love that too.   I promised them pictures from their first wedding and I’ll soon be able to make good on that promise.