Fun Monday Tour

Things have been kinda hectic lately, so I haven’t had a chance to go for my Monday cruise in a couple of weeks.   Today I found some really great things, including some monogrammed napkins and an embroidered table cloth.   What I never expected to find, and what I couldn’t believe I walked out of the store with, was a 1950’s/early 60’s vintage wedding gown(I am not an expert on dating clothing, but for several reasons, that is my guess).

I could immediately picture the original bride.  In my imagination she is wearing cat’s eye glasses, a poufy crinoline , wrist length white gloves and a birdcage veil.   Oh, and definitely a bullet bra because the darts come to a very distinct point!!

This dress is in good enough shape that it could be worn.   I would have guessed it to be about a size 10, but  I had someone try it on who wears size six and it fit her like a glove.   Well except for those darn pointy darts!    It has a layer of taffeta, a layer of ruffled tulle and then another layer of tulle.   It is a mixture of ivory and white.    I would add a sash, some awesome shoes and a birdcage veil and voila:   A modern vintage bride.

It would be wonderful as decor, on a vintage mannequin or dress form, which I have been trying to find BTW!

♥love it♥

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