A Love Letter

This past wedding season – 2014 – my third year in business – was unbelievable!

I made some major additions to the inventory (I feel like I should use “we” instead of “I” but seriously, there is only me) – 12-12 foot pews, Vintage Marquee LOVE letters, first 12″ and then adding the 24″,22 sets of 50′ globe string lights in white and black wire, eclectic seating.

I’ve received amazing support from other vendors, antiques dealers, wedding and event planners not to mention all the photographers who show off my stuff to perfection.

What can I say about my fabulous clients?   They drove for hours to pickup AND to return. To New Brunswick, PEI, Yarmouth, Cape Breton.  They used my inventory in unexpected and unusual ways.   They carried twelve foot pews down over stairs and into the woods.  They showed up for pickup with livestock trailers and livestock still in it (adorable baby lamb).  They listened to my story about how I couldn’t keep Allen keys in stock and constructed something so I can make my own.  They offered suggestions on ways to improve things.  They FIXED things to make them better before they returned them. They sent flowers and wedding favours and other gifts, and handwritten thank you notes.  They shared pictures so we could all live vicariously – and get ideas for future events.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I love and appreciate you all!

wedding thank you banner for showersweddings - gold- vintage appearance-f50451

1960’s inspiration – Groovy!

By this time it was really raining, so we got the shots we could with people in them and I set up and photographed the picnic scenario a few days later in a different location.  Ya do what ya have to do!

Photography:  http://www.somethingoldsomethingnewphotos.com

Clothing, decor, accessories:  facebook.com/borrowedvintagerentals

Blue Dress:   Borrowed from Amanda Perrin/Frye Boots:   Borrowed from Margie MacDonnell-Purdy

Models:  Lauren Purdy, Jenn MacDonald, Charlie “Birddog” Purdy

Locations:  Spencer’s Point, Bible Hill

Hair:   facebook.com/pages/Hairstyles-by-Amanda-Perrin/237835592926995

Makeup:  facebook.com/chantellebrownmua

Daisy wreath:  Wild daisies, made by Pam Rehberg!


All the other usual suspects!

Styled shoot-493 Styled shoot-490 Styled shoot-486 Styled shoot-481 Styled shoot--479 Styled shoot--473 Styled shoot-470 Styled shoot-463 Styled shoot-457 Styled shoot-453 Styled shoot-435 Styled shoot-424 Styled shoot-412 Styled shoot-407b Styled shoot-403 Styled shoot-401 Styled shoot-398 Styled shoot-394a Styled shoot-386a Styled shoot-375 Styled shoot-370a Styled shoot-368a Styled shoot-367 Styled shoot-365 Styled shoot-364a Styled shoot-576 Styled shoot-344a Styled shoot-346a Styled shoot-347a Styled shoot-363a Styled shoot-568 Styled shoot-566 Styled shoot-557 Styled shoot-554 Styled shoot-547 Styled shoot-515 Styled shoot-524 Styled shoot-530 Styled shoot-536 Styled shoot-543 Styled shoot-514 Styled shoot-509 Styled shoot-503 Styled shoot-495

1950’s inspiration

Crazily, a styled shoot for just one decade wasn’t enough for me and I had to cram three decades into one day.  After the 1920’s shoot in Great Village we moved the troops to Spencer’s Point and set up shop in Harold Purdy and Margie MacDonnell- Purdy’s cottage.  Here is where the weather started to taunt us and changed what we were able to accomplish for the 1950’s shoot.  But we were there, we had hair, we had makeup.  Nobody seemed to mind getting a little wet and everyone, including other family members and cottage owners chipped in to help us out.   This really was the result of so many wonderful people!

Photography:  http://www.somethingoldsomethingnewphotos.com

Decor, clothing, accessories:  http://www.somethingborrowedvintagerentals.com

Models:   Jenn MacDonald, Lauren Purdy, Margie MacDonnell-Purdy

Set-up, take down, transportation, muscle, laughs:  Brandon Purdy, Harold Purdy

Co-ordination:  Lori Grund, Pam Rehberg

Makeup:  Chantelle Brown Makeup Artist

Hair:  Hairstyles by Amanda Perrin


Styled shoot-294 Styled shoot-280 Styled shoot-275b Styled shoot-272 Styled shoot-268 Styled shoot-258 Styled shoot-241 Styled shoot-245 Styled shoot-246 Styled shoot-248 Styled shoot-253b Styled shoot-240 Styled shoot-231 Styled shoot-632 Styled shoot-627 Styled shoot-620 Styled shoot-599 Styled shoot-589 Styled shoot-585 Styled shoot-582 Styled shoot-342 Styled shoot-338 Styled shoot-325 Styled shoot-323b Styled shoot-322 Styled shoot-317 Styled shoot-301 Styled shoot-303 Styled shoot-315

Hard Work, Many Hands, Beautiful Results – 1920’s inspired shoot

Almost a year ago now, in June 2013, I put together a styled shoot showcasing inventory from Borrowed, the talents of some local vendors and the free and donated services of some beautiful models, a barn location, a cottage and property, some muscle and some co-ordination help.

Who knew how much work it would be or that it would take me almost a year to share it?    The barn is gone now, torn down which makes it all the more special to have this remembrance.

First up is 1920’s inspiration:

Barn:  Logan Spencer, Great Village NS (facilitated by Clair Peers)

Hair:  Amanda Perrin (www.facebook.com/pages/Hairstyles-by-Amanda-Perrin/237835592926995?fref=ts)

Makeup:   Chantelle Brown (/www.facebook.com/chantellebrownmua?fref=ts)

Models:  Jenn MacDonald, Lauren Purdy, Olivia, Lily & Sophie Grund, Gaia Purdy Nielsen

Muscle:   Brandon Purdy, Harold Purdy

Photography:   Something Old Something New Photos

Clothing, Decor, Hairpieces:   Something Borrowed Vintage Rentals

Florals:   Superstore, arranged by Margie MacDonnell-Purdy, Joan Montgomerie, Lori Grund, Pam Rehberg


Styled shoot-190bb Styled shoot-192b Styled shoot-195a Styled shoot-198 Styled shoot-201 Styled shoot-209aa Styled shoot-210 Styled shoot-212b Styled shoot-214 Styled shoot-224b Styled shoot-225b Styled shoot-226aa back page front cover Styled shoot-33 Styled shoot-49 Styled shoot-67 Styled shoot-68b Styled shoot-72 Styled shoot-74 Styled shoot-75 Styled shoot-76 Styled shoot-78 Styled shoot-79 Styled shoot-80 Styled shoot-85a Styled shoot-86 Styled shoot-90 Styled shoot-91 Styled shoot-98 Styled shoot-105 Styled shoot-113 Styled shoot-114 Styled shoot-122 Styled shoot-131 Styled shoot-137 Styled shoot-141b Styled shoot-152 Styled shoot-155bb Styled shoot-157bb Styled shoot-162b Styled shoot-163b Styled shoot-167 Styled shoot-168b Styled shoot-181b Styled shoot-189bb

Eclectic Seating – New for 2014

This season I am excited to offer eclectic seating for ceremony sites and receptions.  While I have always had a selection of chairs, benches and pews, I have expanded the numbers and I’m offering package pricing.  Just tell me the number you need to seat and whether or not you want a mix and match of everything, or chairs only, and I’ll put together the perfect combination for your space.

This pricing will be $4 per chair/$5 per seat on bench or pew.   There are 150 chairs available, seating for 26 on pews and another 10 on benches.  And of course I now have the 12 matching 12 foot pews with seating for approximately 85.

Here are pictures of a couple of sets ups to fuel your imagination!  (all chairs, benches, pews are not pictured)

Borrowed-2387 Borrowed-2385 Borrowed-2383 Borrowed-2379 Borrowed-2373 Borrowed-2370 Borrowed-2368 Styled-shoot-249 Styled-shoot-247 Styled-shoot-246 Styled-shoot-244

Contact me at sbvrent@gmail.com for more information.

Fall Wedding Inspiration – Blue Willow

I was involved, with an amazing group of wedding professionals, in a styled shoot inspired by the Blue Willow china pattern and the gorgeous colours of a Nova Scotia autumn.  Thanks to each and every one of them for including me in this experience.  It was cold and it was a long day from the time I loaded up a van, drove to the Annapolis Valley, participated in the shoot and drove home, but it was worth every minute.  Here are the creds:

Elegant Productions – Lauren and Katelyn:  http://elegantproductions.ca  I had a chance to work with these two creative ladies a few times over the 2013 season and appreciate the business they sent my way and for suggesting Borrowed for this shoot.  It was fun to see them in action, their organizational skills and how they made things seamlessly flow throughout the day.  Who doesn’t need that on a wedding day?
Flowers:  http://www.chelsealeeflowers.ca  –  when I saw those flowers in my cobalt bottle collection my heart stopped!   If I had been on a chair I would have fallen off!  And the bouquet, swing (THE SWING) and halo were equally amazing.  She made sure every bloom was in perfect, photo worthy condition!

Cakes:  Those blue birds are handpainted on the cake!  Talented!  http://www.frostingcakesandevents.com

Wedding gown, bride’s cape (made from vintage doilies –  you know I was loving on that), bride’s necklace http://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/GillianHannahBerry

Food:  How delicious does that look?  http://localsourcemarket.com/catering-2

Stationary:  http://www.creativedestiny.ca – One word – beautiful!

Hairstyling:  http://truebeautysalonspa.ca – Soft and flowing but managed to last the day.

Makeup: Allison Kirby  – well just look at Drew 🙂

Models: Drew Campbell & Jono Horne – beautiful/low maintenance:

Ta da!   Photography by the incomparable http://candaceberry.com (with special props to her husband Dave for the “heavy lifting”).  See her blog post here:  http://candaceberry.com/blog/2013/11/blue-willow/ (Plus the link will appear when watching my slideshow – credit where credit is due)
I’ll be featuring the photographs which so stunningly capture the beauty of my inventory (plus some others that I just couldn’t resist sharing) and showcase some ideas on how to incorporate them into your day.

(Click on the first photo to enlarge and scroll through the images)