A Love Letter

This past wedding season – 2014 – my third year in business – was unbelievable!

I made some major additions to the inventory (I feel like I should use “we” instead of “I” but seriously, there is only me) – 12-12 foot pews, Vintage Marquee LOVE letters, first 12″ and then adding the 24″,22 sets of 50′ globe string lights in white and black wire, eclectic seating.

I’ve received amazing support from other vendors, antiques dealers, wedding and event planners not to mention all the photographers who show off my stuff to perfection.

What can I say about my fabulous clients?   They drove for hours to pickup AND to return. To New Brunswick, PEI, Yarmouth, Cape Breton.  They used my inventory in unexpected and unusual ways.   They carried twelve foot pews down over stairs and into the woods.  They showed up for pickup with livestock trailers and livestock still in it (adorable baby lamb).  They listened to my story about how I couldn’t keep Allen keys in stock and constructed something so I can make my own.  They offered suggestions on ways to improve things.  They FIXED things to make them better before they returned them. They sent flowers and wedding favours and other gifts, and handwritten thank you notes.  They shared pictures so we could all live vicariously – and get ideas for future events.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I love and appreciate you all!

wedding thank you banner for showersweddings - gold- vintage appearance-f50451

A sucker for a pretty face

Sometimes I leave the house with a list of things I know or feel clients will be looking for.  And come home, maybe with those things, but also with a few other bonuses.  It doesn’t only happen when I am shopping for Borrowed.  It happens pretty much every time I go into a store – grocery, clothing, whatever.  Drawn in by the beauty, uniqueness or feel of a certain item.

So a couple of weeks ago I was visiting the antique shops in Great Village, Nova Scotia, which I tend to do at least every other weekend.  I was looking for bottles, coloured glass goblets, bone china dinner plates…..and I came home with a stove!

My first reaction was that it was from the 50’s (mostly because of the colour)  but my initial research on the Guelph Stove Co leads me to believe it is likely from the 20’s or 30’s.   The colour is gorgeous and I can think of so many ways it could be used for wedding or wedding shower decor.    Want to be the first to borrow this beauty?  You can do that for $30 per event.