I’m Ready! Please Rent ME

Pick me!    No pick me!    That is what my chairs seem to be saying to each other as they are preening and showing off their new coats of paint and upholstered seats.   They are acting mighty pleased with themselves and can’t wait to show off their new looks.   Clearly Ms. Mustard and Grey (*no relation to Christian*) is very happy with her makeover.

Brocante Mondays

Mondays are brocante days here at Borrowed.   Every Monday I start at one end of town and go to the other, stopping at every secondhand, vintage or collectibles shop along the way.   What am I looking for?  Lace curtains, tablecloths, napkins, handkerchiefs and lace and sometimes I’ll find the odd cup and saucer.   Some weeks it’s a goldmine, others it’s the shaft!!   But it’s always fun!   This week I felt like I was at Macy’s boxing day sale when I was picking up one end of something and someone else was picking up the other, telling me it was in her pile!   Guess I’ll have to start getting out there earlier.

This week my favorite find was a set of six hand embroidered dinner napkins.   I brought them home, laundered and pressed them (but I haven’t gone so far as to starch anything yet!) and they look beautiful.